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Floros Floridis & Matthias Bauer
Number: AO-000000031-000
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Concerning the details of the description, the Artist stated as follows:

Floros Floridis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and currently splits his time between Thessaloniki and Berlin. He counts as one of the main figures of jazz in Greece. In 1979 he and Sakis Papadimitriou recorded the first modern jazz album that was produced in Greece - "Improvising at Barakos" (double LP). As a leader/co-leader he collaborated and recorded with Peter Kowald, Guenter "Baby" Sommer, Paul Lytton, Okay Temiz, Nicky Skopelitis, Paul Lovens, Phil Wachsman, Carlos Zingaro,Hans Schneider, Louis Moholo, Vincent Chancey, Jean-Marc Montera, Milos Petrovic, Ivo Papazov as well as with Greek musicians Savinna Yannatou, Dimitris Polizoidis, Babis Papadopoulos, Michalis Siganidis, Kostas Vomvolos, Ilias Papadopoulos,...in Berlin with Michael Griener, Jan Roder,Chris Dahlgren,Olaf Rupp,Ulrich Gumpert,..

Matthias Bauer is a double bass player, improviser and composer who is mainly working in the field of improvised and contemporary music. He performed with many internationally renowned musicians of the free improviser scene and took part in various ensembles and festivals. A central concern is his own solo performances incorporating the voice. He performed a large repertoire of solo compositions and is working with Berlin based new music ensembles unitedberlin, asian art and mosaik. His compositions aim to make a bridge between composition and improvisation. He is on several CD releases and performed at festivals like Maerzmusik Berlin, musicaviva München, Biennale Venedig, nuovaconsonanza Rom, musique on scene Lyon, Daegu Contemporary Music Festival, Wien Modern, Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf and Total Music Meeting Berlin.

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